What Are Some Things That a Puppy Can Learn in Puppy Preschool?


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Things that a puppy learns in puppy preschool are simple cues like "sit" and "come." Puppies are also trained on basic manners, socializing with people and other dogs, and loose-leash walking.

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What Are Some Things That a Puppy Can Learn in Puppy Preschool?
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At the age of 8 to 16 weeks, puppies start developing attitudes and opinions that last a lifetime. The best time to start preschool training should be as close to eight weeks as possible and not past the 14th week. This is the most critical time in a puppy's life, since it develops about 90 percent of its attitude towards people, other animals and its environment.

Preschool programs are designed to assist a puppy in transitioning to a domesticated lifestyle by setting limits that it can understand. The training should last for about six weeks. The classes are kept small so that time can be spent with each puppy and its owner.

The puppy is taught how to be gentle with its teeth. Some puppies are not social, so they require training on socializing at an early age to avoid aggressive behavior in future. The puppy should be in good health and current on vaccinations before starting the preschool training. On completing this program, the puppy is better equipped to starting formal training on obedience.

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