What Are Some Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Weimaraner?


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Weimaraners are highly active, intelligent dogs that require at least an hour of physical activity daily. Although the majority of Weimaraners are healthy dogs, some have health issues, including hip dysplasia and a genetic predisposition to overreact to vaccines.

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Originally bred to hunt stag and wild boar, Weimaraners are a strong and athletic breed. They are quick to learn but also quick to become bored, which can result in destructive behavior when mental stimulation is lacking. Weimaraners are stubborn and require a firm hand in training. They do best in an environment of consistent routine.

Weimaraners are people-oriented dogs and are affectionate and protective of their families. However, due to their hunting instinct, they often do not cohabit well with cats, small dogs and other small animals.

Weimaraners' short coats require little maintenance beyond weekly grooming and the occasional bath and nail trimming. Their average live span is 10 to 12 years.

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