What Are Some Things to Consider When Looking to Buy German Rottweilers?


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A tip for choosing a Rottweiler puppy is to use a reputable breeder. A good breeder should have a standing with the American Rottweiler Club and follow mandatory practices that include screening breeding dogs for genetic disease. The American Kennel Club’s site can provide a list of breeders.

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If you own rent or own a co-op or condo, make sure there are no breed restrictions. A number of cities and towns have banned Rottweilers. Also check with your homeowner’s insurance provider, as well as the home owner’s association rules if applicable.

Before purchasing a puppy, ask to meet its parents. Observe the behavior of the parents, noting if they are friendly, easy to touch and seem well-socialized. Ask the breeder how many times the mother has had puppies. A general rule is that a female Rottweiler should have no more than three litters in her lifetime for the best breeding results. Rottweilers that are overbred can begin to display unwanted behavioral traits and health problems.

Don’t choose a puppy that seems overly shy, fearful or aggressive. The puppy should be friendly and allow touching and handling. Examine its back legs. Rottweilers are massive dogs that are prone to hip dysplasia. The puppy’s back legs should face forward and not be turned or splayed outward.

Ask the breeder if either of the puppy’s parents have had hip problems in their history. Some experts believe that hip dysplasia is hereditary. Getting as much information from the breeder as possible about temperament as well as health history can prevent future problems. Rottweilers can be gentle giants or extremely protective guard dogs. Basic temperament, as well as proper socialization and training, is vital when choosing and integrating a puppy into a household, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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