What Is a Texas Brown Snake?

The Texas brown snake is a nonvenomous garden snake that is mostly seen in eastern Texas and in parts of Mexico. This checkered snake is often found in residential areas in gardens and lawns and among trash. The Texas brown snake is not aggressive, and it only grows to around 12 inches in length.

The Texas brown snake is typically a combination of dark brown and light brown in color, but it can also be reddish-brown. The snake has a white vertical line that goes all the way down its back, and it has two almost-parallel spots on each side of this line. Because this snake is not aggressive, it is likely to scurry away if it feels threatened. Breeding season for these snakes is during the early part of the summer, and the gestation period for females lasts around two months.

Texas brown snakes tend to gather and hibernate in large groups. They spend much of their lives hiding beneath stones, logs and other debris, which gives them access to a large amount of small insects and amphibians to eat. These snakes eat frogs, crickets, caterpillars, spiders, worms, snails and virtually any bug that can fit into their mouths. They generally live for a minimum of seven years.