What Is a Tetra GloFish?


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Tetra GloFish are patented, genetically modified fish of the species Gymnocorymbus ternetzi. They are known as black or white skirt tetras in their natural form. GloFish also come in the species Danio rerio, or zebrafish, and Puntius tetrazona, or tiger barbs.

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All GloFish are modified to glow brightly under a black light or an LED light. They are bred naturally from lines containing fluorescent genes, including Green Fluorescent Protein, which are extracted from jellyfish, sea anemones and corals in the wild. As of 2014, GloFish come in six colors: Starfire Red, Electric Green, Sunburst Orange, Cosmic Blue, Moonrise Pink and Galactic Purple.

GloFish are bred from the offspring of natural fluorescent fish. They were originally developed by scientists hoping to detect environmental pollutants with the addition of a naturally derived fluorescent gene. GloFish inherit their unique color directly from their parents, maintain the color throughout their lives and eventually pass the color along to offspring.

The rights to the patented and trademarked breed are held by Yorktown Technologies.

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