What Are Some Tests for Deciding Which Dog Breed Is Right for You?

Some tests for deciding which dog breed is right for a prospective dog owner include those at DogTime.com, Pedigree.com and AnimalPlanet.com. Many of the questions are similar, but each quiz has a couple of unique questions.

DogTime offers a brief test to determine the type of dog a prospective owner should choose. This quiz asks more than 20 questions to help determine the correct breed. Questions ask about the prospective dog owner's desired exercise levels, comfort with drooling and overall health as well as the number of children in the person's home.

Pedigree offers a test in three parts, asking questions pertaining to the number of people in the home and the amount of time available to care for the dog. Other questions ask about the amount of money available to spend on food, the amount of grooming the prospective owner is comfortable with, the number of elderly people in the home and activity level of the pet desired. This quiz offers more than one compatible breed in the answer.

Animal Planet begins its test by asking the prospective owner about the desired size of the dog and asks 10 questions to determine the recommended breed. After selecting the size, the prospective owner answers questions concerning time available for exercise, grooming and care. The test includes a question about other pets in the home to determine the dog's ability to fit in with other animals.