What Is the Term for a Baby Beaver?


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Baby beavers are referred to as kits. Once they reach the 1-year mark, they are sometimes referred to as yearlings. There can be between one and nine kits in each litter.

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What Is the Term for a Baby Beaver?
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Beavers mate at the first of the year, from mid-January to mid-March. When the kits are born, they are fully furred and are about a foot long. Unlike many mammals, their eyes are partially open at birth. By the time they are about three weeks old, the mother beaver begins to add fresh foliage to the kits' diets. It takes a full six weeks to wean them.

The yearlings can reach weights of up to 17 pounds. Beavers live an average of 10 to 12 years, but have on occasion survived to nearly 20.

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