What Are the Ten Most Intelligent Dog Breeds?

Although there is some disagreement about the exact rankings, herding breeds such as rough collies, border collies and Australian cattle dogs often rank in the top 10 smartest dog breeds. Standard poodles, Labrador retrievers and German Shepherds are also some of the most intelligent types.

There are different ways to measure intelligence in dogs. Some people use problem-solving ability or the ability to work independently to choose the most intelligent breeds, while others measure how easy the dog is to train. This can result in very different rankings of intelligence.

Dogs that were bred to work are often the smartest overall because they need to be intelligent to do their jobs. This also includes golden retrievers, Doberman pinschers and bloodhounds. The papillon, a small breed with long fur, also makes the list.

Although smart dogs can be fun and challenging, they can also present more difficulties. Intelligent dogs are often more difficult to train and may pick up bad habits more easily. They are also sometimes less tolerant of mistakes so may not be as good around children. Smart dogs need work or other activities to help keep them busy, otherwise they may become destructive and develop other bad habits. This can be exacerbated by the high energy levels that many intelligent breeds have because of their working roots.