What Are Some Temperate Grassland Animal Adaptations?

Some of the most common adaptations that animals in temperate grassland regions have include ability to burrow, herding, sharp vision, high mobility, high fertility and camouflage. Animals living in temperate grasslands also have physical features that help them withstand the high temperatures that are sometimes experienced.

Temperate grasslands are characterized by large fields covered in grass and significantly high temperatures. Some of the animals that live in this regions include antelopes, the bison, hoppers, coyotes, birds, dogs and other insects. Below are some details regarding the adaptations of these animals.

  • High mobility - since there is no place to hide in this environment, animals are adapted to running very fast when threatened, birds are also able to take flight quickly in order to avoid capture.
  • Herding - most grazing animals like antelopes herd in order to improve their chances of spotting a predator or fighting off a threat.
  • Burrowing ability - some animals in this region are highly adapted to burrowing which enables them to stay hidden under ground in case of a threat. Being underground also provides shelter from the warm temperatures on the surface.
  • Good vision - most animals living in grassland regions have good vision. This enables predators to spot prey easily while also giving the prey a chance to easily spot the predator.