What Is the Temperament of Welsh Terrier Puppies?

What Is the Temperament of Welsh Terrier Puppies?

Welsh terriers are an intelligent, lively breed with a cheerful disposition and a zest for life. The Welsh terrier was originally bred to hunt badgers, otters and foxes, and possesses the independence and single-mindedness of the terrier breed.

It is a playful and devoted family dog that generally gets along well with other pets, but does not back down when challenged.

Welsh terriers benefit from consistent, early training. Like most terriers, they are spunky and have a stubborn streak that requires patient handling and constant reinforcement. The Welsh terrier is also energetic and needs adequate, regular and vigorous exercise. They like to dig and when bored, may keep themselves occupied with destructive activities.

Welsh terriers also make excellent watch dogs, but not guard dogs. They are alert and moderately territorial, but when not properly trained, this instinct can lead to excessive barking.

The Welsh terrier originated in Wales and has been claimed to be the oldest breed in the United Kingdom. They were used to support packs of hunting hounds and were first recognized as a breed in 1855. Welsh terriers still retain their hunting instincts and the ability to track prey. They enjoy a challenge and thrive in competitions such as “Earth Dog,” in which they are timed as they track prey underground.