What Is the Temperament of a Siberian Husky?


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Siberian huskies have good-natured, affectionate temperaments and friendly dispositions. They are generally gentle with other dogs, children and people, including those outside their families. Huskies are not possessive or aggressive.

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What Is the Temperament of a Siberian Husky?
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Because huskies have easy temperaments, they do not make great guard dogs. They are fairly independent and free-spirited, lacking the protective instinct that makes other dogs such as Rottweilers such effective guardians. However, Siberian huskies do have a high prey drive, which means that they should not be allowed around other pets such as cats, rabbits and birds unless they were raised with them.

Siberian huskies are active and athletic with playful personalities. They need to be exercised every day and given room to run unfettered. However, in unfenced areas, they must be leashed to prevent them from chasing after interesting animals or cars, the latter of which can be deadly.

Huskies have the intelligence to be trained, but they are strong-willed, which can make training a challenge. Using food as a reward during training or delaying mealtimes can be helpful in the training process. The owner needs to establish himself as the leader of the husky's "pack" in order to establish respect from the dog while being prepared for it to challenge the hierarchy occasionally.

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