What Is the Temperament of a Mini French Bulldog?


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Mini French bulldogs are a friendly, affectionate breed. They are generally well behaved, playful, attentive and alert. Mini French bulldogs crave attention and companionship and make good pets for either a single owner or a family.

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These dogs bond quickly and want to be by their owner’s side. They usually get along well with children and other pets. Frenchies do not fare well when left alone for long periods of time and are susceptible to separation anxiety that can result in uncontrolled barking.

They may have an independent, stubborn streak and often lose interest in repetitive activities. As a result, they require a firm, consistent, but gentle hand when training. An owner of a French bulldog should establish authority early in a puppy’s life. Some French bulldogs are difficult to housebreak, requiring additional time and patience. Some may not be fully housebroken until the age of six months or older.

French bulldogs rank 18th in Stanley Coren’s “Intelligence of Dogs” and are the most intelligent of the bulldog family. They make good watch dogs and tend to be protective of their owners, alerting them to possible danger. Mini French bulldogs enjoy a brisk walk but do not require large amounts of exercise and are suitable for apartment life.

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