What Is the Temperament of a Dachshund-Lab Mix?

temperament-dachshund-lab-mix Credit: This image photographed and edited by Elizabeth Marie/Moment/Getty Images

The temperament of a Daschund-Lab mix is thought to be mild-tempered, but because it is a mixed breed, its temperament cannot be predicted with certainty. A mixed-breed dog can inherit a combination of the characteristics in either parent breed. Some people call this mix a Dachsador or a Doxador.

The Daschador or Doxador most often resembles a short-legged Labrador retriever. According to designermixes.org, they are thought to be a mild-mannered, easily trained dog that makes a loyal pet. According to yourpurebredpuppy.com, Daschunds are very active dogs that have a terrier-like temperament and can be stubborn, difficult to train and have tendencies to dig, bark and snap, while Labrador retrievers are very active, playful dogs. They are friendly and tend to be good with children.