How Do You Tell a Female and Male Kitten Apart?


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Most methods of determining the gender of kittens use visual clues in sexing the kittens. Determining the gender can be confusing for inexperienced individuals.

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Knowing the visual clues to look for is the key to determining the sex of the kitten. Its anus will immediately be at the base of the tail and a little further along will be its genitalia. If the genitalia appears like a rounded opening then it is a male, and if it resembles a slit, then it is a female. Generally, the distance between the anus and genitalia is wider in males than in the females. Using a magnifying glass helps with the visual identification when sexing the cats.

Lifting the tail is one of the easiest and most common ways to sex kittens. The anus can readily be identified while a closer look at the genitalia will help identify the gender of the kitten. Males will also have small lumps just above the genitalia, and these lumps are the scrotum of the kitten.

Colors can also be used when sexing kittens, although this is not always accurate. Most kittens that sport a calico or tortoiseshell coat are likely females, while males are usually sport an orange coloration.

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