How Do You Tell the Difference Between a Male and a Female Red Claw Crab?

At first glance, male and female Red Claw Crabs appear almost identical. However, there is an simple and easy way to differentiate between the sexes, based on size and shape.

  1. Compare the shell shape

    The shape of the underbelly and shell of Red Claw Crabs are one of the differentiating traits between male and female. Males tend to have long and pointy shells, whereas females are wider and broader.

  2. Find the larger crab

    The most obvious difference between the sexes is size. Female Red Claw Crabs, as with most species, are smaller than male Red Claw Crabs.

  3. Compare the claw size

    Male Red Claw Crabs have larger and longer claws, marking their dominance over females and aggressive tendencies.