How Do You Tell If Your Cat Loves You?

Some of the common ways a cat shows affection for its owner are by purring, rubbing against the owner, holding eye contact and bringing gifts. Cats often use purring as a sign of friendliness.

Owners should also be aware, however, that purring can also be a sign that the cat is sick or anxious, as cats will also use purring to comfort themselves when they are not feeling well. Meowing can also have other meanings and the "meow" is used by the cat as a way to communicate all feelings, from affection to "beware," as well as when presenting a catch, such as delivering a mouse.

When a cat rubs against a person or object, it is rubbing its scent gland on someone or something it claims as its own, meaning that a person has a certain importance in the cat's life. Cats also share long stares and slow blinks with their owners. Although cats find eye contact uncomfortable, they tolerate it with someone they trust. Pet cats bear presents, such as a dead mouse or bug, to owners they like as a way to look out for them. Cats also show affection by sitting on or close to their keepers.