What Are Some Techniques for Grooming a Wheaten Terrier?


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The primary task involved in grooming wheaten terriers is removing knots and mats without hurting the dog - the key to which is keeping a firm grip and brushing gently, then removing mats carefully, or clipping them out if necessary. Wheaten terriers must be groomed daily to keep their coats free of tangles, and should be started with young puppies so that they can get used to the process. If daily grooming isn't done, the dogs may pull knots out with their teeth and harm their skin.

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What Are Some Techniques for Grooming a Wheaten Terrier?
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Both clippers and scissors should be used to groom a soft-coated wheaten terrier, as well as wide-toothed metal combs and gentle brushes. Grooming should begin with brushing the hair going along the grain. When mats are discovered, hold the hair above the tangle while combing to minimize distress to the dog. Following up with a metal comb pulls out dead hair and confirms that all tangles have been removed. The dog will not be harmed if the teeth of the comb scratch against the skin. After all mats are removed, a final brushing completes the task.

Severely matted fur may need to be cut away by using scissors and cutting perpendicular to the hair. Trimming the hair can be done with clippers that have attached combs. Size 10 or 30 blades work for most of the hair, and size 7 or 8.5 blades are best for hair around the ears and on the tummy.

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