What Are Some Teacup Schnauzer Rescues?


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Some miniature schnauzer rescue organizations in the United States include the Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston and the California Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, which offers miniature schnauzer adoptions in various locations throughout the state. Additionally, Schnauzer Love Rescue offers adoptions in several states, including Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

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What Are Some Teacup Schnauzer Rescues?
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Although the miniature schnauzer is the smallest of the schnauzer breeds, it is not a teacup-sized dog. It typically weighs between 11 and 20 pounds and stands about 12 to 14 inches high. Although smaller-than-average dogs are sometimes available at various rescues, these undersized dogs are often the product of unethical breeders or puppy mills. They do not conform to the breed standard and frequently suffer from health problems due to their abnormally small size. These include all of the problems commonly seen in teacup dogs, such as malformed skulls, organ malfunction and brittle bones, as well as a higher incidence of hereditary birth defects and congenital conditions that tend to occur in the schnauzer breed.

Most miniature schnauzer rescue organizations offer a selection of mixed-breed schnauzers and special-needs dogs. Some of these dogs may be smaller than normal and well-suited to a client who is searching for a small miniature schnauzer to adopt.

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