What Are Teacup Maltese Puppies Like?


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The temperament of Maltese puppies is dependent on their hereditary, training and socialization. DogTime recommends meeting at least one parent if possible and observing the puppy's interactions with its littermates before adopting it. Although Maltese puppies are generally playful and energetic, PetWave cautions against spoiling and pampering puppies as this can lead to bratty and sometimes aggressive adult dogs. Bred to be companions, they are also prone to separation anxiety.

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According to DogTime, ethical breeders should not offer or classify any of their puppies as "teacups," and the American Kennel Club does not officially recognize any such classification. Adult Maltese dogs that weigh less than four pounds at maturity are at greater risk for genetic diseases; a healthy adult weighs anywhere between four to seven pounds.

Housebreaking puppies can be a long and time-consuming process, especially since their messes are small and difficult to find, and the breed in general is notoriously difficult to house train; Your Purebred Puppy suggests an indoor litterbox or unfettered access to the backyard. However, they respond well to training. PetWave describes them as sweet and easygoing but warns that they can become bratty, spoiled and mistrustful if they are mishandled or badly trained as puppies.

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