What Are Teacup Beagles?


Teacup beagles are unusually small beagles weighing 10 to 12 pounds and standing about 10 inches tall. They are also called pocket beagles or miniature beagles. Some are produced by inbreeding from small standard-sized beagles; others are actually crosses between beagles and toy terriers.

Standard-sized beagles are small but sturdy hunting dogs. The American Kennel Club recognizes two varieties: beagles not exceeding 13 inches in height and beagles over 13 inches but not exceeding 15 inches in height. Beagles normally weigh between 20 and 25 pounds. Some beagle lines are prone to epilepsy, heart disease, back problems and chondroplasia. These issues are more likely in inbred strains. Teacup beagles produced by crossbreeding are healthier but less predictable in appearance.