How Do You Teach a Dog to Lie Down?

How Do You Teach a Dog to Lie Down?

To train a dog to lie down, get his attention, use treats to lure him to the ground as the command is given, reward him for progress, and repeat the steps. The necessary materials for training a dog to lie down are dog treats and patience.

  1. Get the dog's attention

    Get the dog's attention by calling his name and showing him the treat.

  2. Put the treat under the dog's nose

    Put the treat under the dog's nose so he can smell it.

  3. Give the dog the command

    Say the dog's name and then tell him "down." Hold the treat near the ground to coach the dog to obey the command. If he does not lie down on his own, do not force him. The next time he does it on his own, say "down," and reward him.

  4. Reward the dog's progress

    After giving the initial command, reward the dog as soon as his elbows and hocks are on the ground. Tell him "good down" in a praising voice.

  5. Repeat the process multiple times

    Repeat the process five to six times throughout two to three sessions per day. Repeat the process in different areas of the house, as well as indoors and outdoors.