How Do You Teach a Dog to Fetch?


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To train a dog to fetch, tell him to sit, send him out to fetch by throwing the object, and call him back. After he brings it back to you, command him to drop the object. Reward him with a treat, and praise him after he obeys each command.

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  1. Teach or command the dog to sit

    Teach or command the dog to sit, and move forward with the fetching process once he consistently obeys your command.

  2. Throw the object

    Throw the object a short distance in front of you. If the dog does not go after the object, encourage him to do so. At the beginning of training, throw the object very short distances, and increase the distance as the training progresses.

  3. Call the dog back

    Once he has the object in his mouth, call the dog back to you using the "come" command. If he does not know that command, try calling him back to you by using his name. Do not chase the dog.

  4. Teach or command the dog to release

    After he obeys the "come" command, teach or command him to "release" or "drop" the object in front of you.

  5. Reward the dog

    Reward the dog with treats and praise throughout the process each time he obeys your command.

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