Do Tarantulas Hibernate?

tarantulas-hibernate Credit: Shem Compion/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Tarantulas do not hibernate, but they do experience torpor, which is a state of lethargy. Torpor is a short-term body temperature reduction on cool days that allows the spiders to leave their nest to hunt on temperate days. Hormonal changes and daylight drive hibernation, according to BBC Wildlife Magazine.

More than 50 species of tarantulas live in the dry, well-drained, open areas of the deserts in the Southwest and grasslands of the central United States. Tarantulas share a body structure similar to crabs, and they chase down their prey rather than catching it in a web. Poison from two fangs dissolves the prey's insides, which facilitates the sucking method of eating employed by the spiders. Tarantula bites to humans are not fatal, but they are very painful.