What Are Some Tarantula Facts for Kids?


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Some facts about tarantulas are that they don’t catch prey with webs, they defend themselves by throwing tiny hairs and they can regrow their legs. In some cases, tarantulas can grow to be 10 inches long.

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What Are Some Tarantula Facts for Kids?
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Unlike many spiders, tarantulas do not use webs to catch their food. They wait until their prey gets close and then pounce and inject venom into the victim. Instead of chewing, tarantulas use an enzyme that turns the victim’s body into a liquid that can be sucked up. Tarantulas mainly eat insects, but some larger tarantulas eat mice and frogs.

If a tarantula is attacked, it defends itself by using its hind legs to rub hairs off its stomach which it throws at the attacker. If a person gets hit by the hairs, they can cause a rash or even an allergic reaction. Tarantulas usually do not bite people, and if they do, the venom is not very strong and is similar to getting stung by a bee.

As they grow, tarantulas molt and shed their outer skeletons. This process lets tarantulas regrow any legs they have lost. At first, the new leg might be shorter than the former leg. After molting a few times, the new leg eventually grows to be the same length as the original leg.

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