How Do You Tame a Feral Cat?

How Do You Tame a Feral Cat?

To tame a feral cat, gradually accustom it to your home. Start by containing it in a large cage, using a towel to pick it up, and giving it more exposure as its comfort level grows. The amount of time it takes depends on the cat.

  1. Place the cat in a cage or large carrier

    Add a warm, soft blanket and some soft toys in a large pet carrier. Set a bowl of water, food and a litter pan inside the cage, and leave the cat in its new environment. Store the carrier in a quiet room. Shield your arms and hands when you pick up the cat by using a towel or old blanket.

  2. Move the cat to a small room

    Once the cat exhibits calm behavior in its carrier and when you pick it up, move the carrier to a different room. Make sure to leave food, water and a litter box in this room. Continue to pick up the cat with a towel or blanket until you are confident the cat is content with you touching it.

  3. Allow the cat to engage with people

    Open the door to the small room after the cat shows signs of calmness and adjustment in its new space. Give the cat the freedom to come and go when other people come into the house, and allow the cat to decide when to get close to people.