How Do You Tame a Cat?


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To tame a cat, keep it in a room where it cannot hide, and feed it within close proximity. Lead the cat into your lap, and make physical contact with it. Gradually lift and handle the cat.

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  1. Place the cat in a good location

    Place the cat in a location where it can't hide, such as a bathroom or kennel. Lie down on the floor so you can meet the cat at eye level.

  2. Feed the cat

    Give food to the cat to help it trust you, but only feed it while you're in the room.

  3. Draw the food closer

    Gradually move the food dish closer to your body each time you feed the cat.

  4. Let the cat eat off your finger

    Once the cat is used to your presence, dip your finger in a meat-based baby food, and hold it up for the cat to lick.

  5. Lead the cat to your lap

    Place the food dish in your lap so the cat must climb your leg to eat.

  6. Pet the cat

    To accustom the cat to your touch, gently pet its head and shoulders while it eats. Stroke the cat's underbelly before you pick it up.

  7. Lift the cat

    Gently lift the cat from one food bowl to another. While sitting, lift the cat into your lap.

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