What Is a Taco Terrier?


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A Taco Terrier is a mixture of a Chihuahua and a Toy Fox Terrier. They weigh approximately 8 pounds and have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

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First-generation Taco Terriers have one Chihuahua parent and one Toy Fox Terrier parent, while multi-generation Taco Terriers might have one purebred parent and one second-generation or beyond Toy Fox Terrier parent.

This hybrid dog type usually exhibits traits of both of its purebred ancestors. It is generally muscular and has pointed ears and a pronounced snout. The petite lap dog is usually highly affectionate, easy to train and even tempered.

Like its Chihuahua ancestors, Taco Terriers usually make excellent watch dogs and bark when they sense that someone is approaching the home or yard. However, these dogs do not generally bark as much as full-blooded Chihuahuas.

Taco Terriers usually inherit Fox Terrier markings, which include a white base color and spots of brown, black or red on their faces, heads, bodies, feet and tails. Their smooth coats shed a minimal amount of hair and require very little brushing to maintain.

The small size of Taco Terriers makes them ideal indoor pets, but they are known for enjoying long, leisurely outdoor walks daily.

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