What Table Food Can Cats Eat?


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Certain vegetables; small portions of yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese; moderate amounts of fish; eggs; and cooked animal meat are safe table foods for cats, states Animal Planet. All table foods given to a cat should be given in moderation to prevent illness.

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Vegetables such as steamed asparagus, baked carrots, steamed broccoli, chopped greens, green beans and winter squash can be given to cats, according to Animal Planet. Vegetables should be washed properly, and uncooked vegetables such as raw carrots should be avoided. Many adult cats are lactose intolerant, so small portions of yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese are recommended, as well as low-lactose varieties of milk and cheese if dairy is given to a cat. Moderate amounts of fish are given to a cat to prevent the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in fish from depleting a cat?s vitamin E levels. Raw fish may contain too much thiaminase and carry tapeworm.

Eggs can provide a source of protein for a cat, but raw eggs may also contain Salmonella and E.coli, warns Animal Planet. Some cats may also have an allergic reaction to eggs. Cooked poultry is also better than raw meat to prevent Salmonella and E. coli. Meat trimmings are high in fat and can cause obesity and diarrhea and should not be given to cats.

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