What Are the Symptoms of Parakeet Sickness?


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Some symptoms of parakeet sickness include unusually colored or watery droppings, weight loss and ruffled feathers, notes Petco. If a parakeet sleeps for an excessive amount of time, the parakeet is also displaying a sign of sickness.

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Keeping a keen eye on a parakeet is important when it demonstrates symptoms of illness since birds naturally hide sickness until it is dire and can die if not attended, explains Petco. Pet owners should observe the parakeet’s droppings closely since droppings indicate whether or not the bird is getting better. Also, checking to see if the bird groomed its feathers and watching its weight for increases and decreases is helpful in determining improvement in parakeet sickness. Parakeets that exhibit signs of illness need immediate care, including providing the bird with warmth, water, medication and food.

Improperly feeding parakeets leads to malnutrition and common diseases, such as feather disorders and viral or bacterial infections, reports WebVet. Providing parakeets with parrot-formulated food in the appropriate size helps to fight against the susceptibility of malnutrition that results from eating an all-seed diet. An owner can help prevent sickness and diseases in her parakeet by taking the bird to visit an avian veterinarian for regular checkups so that he can look for signs of health, such as smooth, bright feathers.

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