What Are Some Symptoms of Illness in Kittens?


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Some symptoms of illness in kittens include sneezing, vomiting and coughing, according to PetCareRX. Kittens also can display sickness with diarrhea or loss of appetite.

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A kitten that excessively coughs and sneezes may experience respiratory tract problems and should see a veterinarian at the first moment. This symptom can also result from a condition that requires swift medical attention, explains PetCareRX. Persistent vomiting can indicate issues with diet or consumption. An owner can try changing a kitten’s food and the amount of food it receives, as kittens can vomit when eating too much food too quickly. However, if blood appears in a kitten’s vomit, the pet owner should take it to a veterinarian right away because this can indicate a serious issue. If a kitten exhibits a loss of appetite, its owner can give it unseasoned rice or boiled chicken to help aid an upset stomach.

Diarrhea can link to stress and various illnesses, including intestinal parasites, notes PetMD. When kittens move to a new home or meet new people, they can experience stress. Kittens sometimes have intestinal parasites from birth, such as hookworms and roundworms, and they can also contract tapeworms. Kittens should receive fecal exams and undergo deworming procedures to control these pests.

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