What Are the Symptoms of Hookworms in Dogs?


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Some symptoms of a hookworm infestation dogs are pale mucus membranes, appetite loss, weight loss, dark stool, constipation, body weakness and a cough, states PetMD. The cough can occur if these parasites migrate to the lung region. In puppies, this parasitic infestation can be deadly.

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Hookworms are parasites that can enter a dog's small intestine and live there. Because these parasites feed on blood, a dog may also show signs of anemia, which is evidenced by the pale mucus membranes that include the nose and lips, as noted by Pet Education. Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting may also be other signs of a hookworm infestation. Some of these symptoms can manifest in about 10 days after a dog is exposed to these parasites, notes WebMD. An untreated hookworm infestation can cause death.

Another sign of a hookworm infestation in canines is the passing of hookworm eggs in feces. Adult hookworms lay eggs in the small intestine that may show up in feces 2 to 3 weeks after infestation.

Dogs can become infested with hookworms in different ways, including ingestion of larvae and skin penetration. A puppy can acquire hookworms through its mother's milk. The treatment for a hookworm infection can require dewormer medications to kill the adult worms in the small intestines. However, a few treatments may be necessary to get rid of a severe parasitic infection.

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