What Are Some Symptoms of a Dog Having a Seizure?


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Collapsing; losing consciousness; jerking, rigidity or muscle twitching; and drooling or foaming at the mouth are possible signs and symptoms of seizures in dogs, according to WebMD. Dogs may also urinate or defecate during a seizure.

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Prior to a seizure, a dog may exhibit unsteadiness or confusion, or it may stare into space, notes WebMD. Following a seizure, a dog may seem disoriented. It may have visual disturbances, and it may try to hide.

Symptoms of seizures in dogs vary depending on the type of seizure, explains WebMD. A dog suffering a grand mal seizure is likely to convulse and lose consciousness, whereas a dog undergoing a focal seizure may display unusual movements on one side of the body or in one limb. A dog having a psychomotor seizure exhibits strange behavior, such as chasing an unseen object.

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