What Are the Symptoms of Diabetes in Cats?


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The most obvious and common symptoms of diabetes in cats are increased thirst and urination, according to WebMD. Some cats may also display an increased appetite. Diabetes is more common in obese cats, though the disease is not restricted to them.

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It is very difficult to cure a cat of diabetes, explains WebMD. However, it is important to control blood sugar and improve the cat's general body condition to help manage diabetes; in some cases, these actions might be enough to send diabetes into partial or complete remission, but the chances are rare.

Treatment consists of diet and insulin therapy, states WebMD. Oral medications are an option as well, but they are usually an alternative to insulin therapy and have more side effects. Blood tests are performed regularly at the veterinarian's office, but the pet owner needs to give the cat a shot at home. New treatments are being developed constantly.

As of 2015, it is not known how to prevent feline diabetes, notes WebMD. Obesity is a risk factor, while low-carbohydrate diets may help control blood sugar. It is not known whether dry or wet food impacts the likelihood of developing diabetes. Breed, and therefore genetics, seems to play a role in diabetes, but the extent of it is not understood.

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