What Are the Symptoms of Cat Health Issues?


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The symptoms of cat health issues vary depending on the disease, but sudden changes of behavior, unusual urination or vomiting are common signs, according to WebMD. Cats can be stoic and may give only subtle signs of illness or pain.

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What Are the Symptoms of Cat Health Issues?
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Changes in appetite are another common symptom, reports WebMD. This may be paired with weight loss or diarrhea, which can indicate parasites such as tapeworms. It can also be a sign of other infections.

External parasites, including fleas, are another common ailment. While severe flea infestations can cause serious illnesses, such as anemia, most external signs are obvious early in the infection. Excessive scratching or licking can be a sign of flea infestation, claims WebMD.

Cats are also prone to urinary tract infections and related issues, according to Everyday Health. Male cats especially may get crystals in their urine, which can lead to blockages. Straining to urinate with nothing coming out, urinating outside of the litter box and bloody or discolored urine can be signs.

Indoor cats have less risk of infectious disease, but cats that venture outdoors may be at particular risk of minor respiratory ailments, reports Everyday Health. A short course of antibiotics or other supportive medications can clear it up quickly. Symptoms include nasal and eye discharge, labored breathing and coughing or sneezing. These and other symptoms can also result from life-threatening illnesses or other serious problems, so owners should consult their veterinarians about any sudden changes in their cats' behaviors.

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