What Supplies Do You Need Before Adopting Free Cane Corso Puppies?


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Cane corsos are very large, active dogs, so cane corso puppies need plenty of sturdy toys. A sturdy collar or harness and leash is also important; these must be replaced frequently as the puppy grows and needs larger sizes.

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Cane corso puppies need a high-quality diet to meet their nutritional needs, but too much of certain nutrients can contribute to joint or bone problems. A breeder and veterinarian can help develop an appropriate diet. Having a bag of the food the puppy is used to eating on hand when bringing it home helps prevent an upset stomach.

Cane corso puppies need a safe place when they're not under direct supervision to prevent them from chewing dangerous objects; this also helps with housebreaking the puppies. Puppy-proofing the bathroom or another easy-to-clean room is crucial before bringing home a puppy. Crates or exercise pens also provide a safe location for the puppies.

A cane corso puppy also needs a comfortable place to sleep. Puppy beds or blankets can be placed in locations around the home. A mix of toys, including balls and tug toys, help keep the puppy happy. Bully sticks and deer antlers are among the chew toys safe for use with a cane corso puppy.

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