What Is a Super Cinnamon Ball Python?


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A super cinnamon ball python is a homozygous offspring that comes from breeding two cinnamon ball pythons. Cinnamon coloration in a ball python is a dominant trait. The resultant super cinnamon ball python is solid colored on top and light colored on the belly with no markings anywhere.

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Colors for a super cinnamon ball python can be cocoa brown to grayish black or anything in between. Cinnamon ball pythons, on the other hand, are dark brown with irregular markings, faded sides and white bellies.

Super cinnamon ball pythons first came into existence in 2002. They debuted at the Daytona Expo, having been bred by Gulf Coast Reptiles. Herpetologist Greg Graziani proved the genetics of the super cinnamon morph in 2002.

Ball pythons, including super cinnamons, grow to between 4 and 6 feet in length. They are stocky but docile, making them popular as pets. Ball pythons get their name from their defensive habit of curling up tightly on themselves when they feel threatened. In this state, they can actually be rolled like balls. Wild ball pythons eat rats, shrews and mice, and pets generally feed on domesticated rats and mice.

Breeding a super cinnamon ball python does yield some genetic mutations. The snake can be born with a spinal deformity known as a spinal kink, meaning the spine is flat in one area. Snakes born this way need to be euthanized as they cannot survive, and the condition causes suffering.

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