What Do Sun Bears Eat?

According to Wildscreen Arkive, sun bears are omnivores that consume a wide variety of foods, including termites, ants, beetle larvae, honey, rodents, birds, lizards and fruit. However, as the smallest and least studied of the world’s bear species, many of the details of sun bear biology and ecology remain unknown.

Sun bears exploit a variety of food sources, and because they are able to attain sufficient nutrition year-round, they do not hibernate. Periodically, the plants in their tropical forest habitats produce an abundance of fruits. During these abundant times, the bears rely heavily on the short-lived bounty. This enables the bears to regain any lost weight and attain excellent health. According to Wildscreen Arkive, figs are especially important in this regard.

Wildscreen Arkive explains that the feet of sun bears are extraordinarily large. This helps them to dig their insect prey out from rotten logs. Additionally, the bears possess a very long tongue. They can stick these long tongues into the cracks and crevices of trees and rocks to reach termites, ants and other insects lurking inside.

Free The Bears lists porridge, rice and dog biscuits as common food items of captive sun bears. Unfortunately, the act of taking these animals from the wild for the pet trade is a significant factor in their population decline.