Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?


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Sugar gliders require approximately as much care and research as many other household pets, despite being less common. According to the North American Sugar Glider Association, many of the myths perpetuating sugar gliders' difficulty as pets are easily debunked.

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With care, research and legitimate buying from an established breeder, sugar gliders are as easy to take care of as other pets, such as rabbits, ferrets or rats. SugarGlider.com lists several drawbacks to sugar gliders, similar to having any other small pet. Sugar gliders don't live very long, they require a specialized diet to maintain, they can bite and they cannot be housebroken. Additionally, they are nocturnal and need room to roam as they would in the wild, making it difficult for some owners to maintain a normal sleep schedule.

A free-range glider in a household requires extra cleanup, but may be healthier and happier as a result of having more time outside the cage. In addition, SugarGliderInfo.com states that gliders can occasionally be aggressive towards their owners and breed very rapidly if opposite sexes are housed together, leading to overpopulation. The site also explains that owners who are experienced with small indoor pets may be comfortable with this animal as a pet.

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