What Do Sugar Gliders Eat?


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In the wild, sugar gliders feed on a wide variety of foods, the staples being eucalyptus gum, sap, insects, nectar and the excretory product of insects that eat nectar. They tend to feed opportunistically, eating whatever is available. At times, they may feed on small prey, such as lizards, birds and bird eggs

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Sugar gliders follow an omnivorous diet, which means they are able to eat a wide variety of plant and animal matter. The sugar glider's diet varies widely according to season. In the summer, insects are their primary source of food. During winter months, they mainly subsist on plant matter, like acacia gum, eucalyptus sap and manna.

Reproducing such a complex diet for a sugar glider in captivity is difficult, which is why the proper feeding procedure for pet sugar gliders is widely debated. It is possible for sugar gliders to experience paralysis and other health issues if they get too little calcium or too much phosphorous, which is why pet owners must take great care to create a balanced diet plan.

According to About.com, Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney – an experienced veterinarian of exotic animals – recommends feeding pet sugar gliders a specifically blended mix of warm water, honey, boiled egg, high-protein baby cereal and a vitamin and mineral supplement called Leadbeater's Mix. This should be served along with a zoo-quality insectivore diet.

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