What Are Some Styles of Cesar Millan Dog Products?

What Are Some Styles of Cesar Millan Dog Products?

Cesar Millan’s dog products include training leads, a bright light leash and collar, a Mastering Leadership boxed set of DVDs and a pack leader collar. Cesar Millan’s nylon training leads differ from regular leashes in that they do not require an additional collar, but instead feature a slip collar for maximum control. A dog owner can give firm, but gentle corrections while walking because of the lead’s design. The lead comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Site visitors to CesarsWay.com can access a video on how to use the leads for mastering walks while setting behavior limits.

The bright light leash and collar is available in two colors and offers maximum visibility and safety for night time walks. Dogs wearing the LED collar are more easily spotted by traffic and at long distances. The leash adds extra visibility features reflective trim stitching. Both the collar and leash are water resistant.

Cesar’s Mastering Leadership six-DVD set is a guide to his training approach and methods with volumes that include "People Training for Dogs," "Becoming a Pack Leader," "Your New Dog and Common Canine Misbehaviors." The set is available with subtitles in Spanish on volumes one to three.

Cesar’s pack leader collar keeps the slip collar at the top of a dog’s neck so that corrections can be given more effectively during walks. CesarsWay.com offers tips on how to use the collar, how to measure for size and how to master the walk.