How Do You Stud a French Bulldog?

French bulldogs are difficult to breed and raise, as they need human assistance with mating and/or giving birth naturally, they have few puppies per litter, as well as a high puppy mortality rate. Owners looking to breed a female dog will seek out males that have the pedigree and traits they are looking for to create healthy offspring. These owners usually look for winning males at conformation dog shows or in breed publications to find a stud.

  1. Show the dog

    In order to attract owners looking to breed, the male should demonstrate that it meets the breed standard and is a quality specimen of the breed. For French bulldogs, the dog needs to be shown in conformation and win at least a championship title. French bulldogs can also be shown in rally and obedience.

  2. Perform necessary health testing

    The French bulldog club of America requires breeders to sign an ethical statement attesting that they never breed dogs known to be in poor health or with disqualifying genetic faults. The club requires that dogs have hips, patellas and eyes tested and registered before breeding. The club recommends testing for heart and thyroid conditions as well.

  3. Advertise the dog

    Advertise the stud dog's attractions and availability in breed publications.

  4. Investigate the female's qualities

    The progeny of each stud's breeding will be carefully examined by owners considering using the male as a stud. Allowing the stud to breed to poor-quality females and produce less than desirable puppies detracts from the stud's reputation. Therefore, stud owners should be quite selective as to which females they agree to breed to.