Which Is Stronger, a Siberian Tiger or a Grizzly Bear?

The stealthy hunting habits of Siberian tigers give them an advantage when pitted against grizzlies. According to National Geographic, the average grizzly weighs 900 pounds, while a Siberian tiger weighs 600 pounds.

The Great Russian brown bear, or black grizzly, shares territory with the dwindling Siberian tiger population in Russia. Scientists believe that tigers hunt the larger bears, usually females, cubs and those hibernating, because they are unable climb trees to escape. Tigers use clever methods to lure bears, including imitation of their sounds. The cats are adept at camouflage, but once the bear is sighted, they rush, pounce and crush its windpipe. Grizzlies occasionally track and kill tigers at the site of kills when the tiger is busy consuming part of the 60 pounds of meat it requires daily.