How Strong Are Crocodile Jaws?


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According to Live Science, crocodiles are able to produce up to 5,000 pounds of pressure per square inch when they bite something. This gives the crocodile enough power to bite through a human leg or arm with no problem. To put it into perspective, the human jaw is only able to produce 100 pounds of pressure per square inch.

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How Strong Are Crocodile Jaws?
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Although crocodiles have incredible biting strength, the power they have to open their jaws is very weak, according to Live Science. In fact, a rubber band provides enough resistance to keep a crocodile from opening his mouth. Their lack of jaw-opening strength is made up for with their quick speed, as crocodiles can swim up to 20 mph and stay under water for around an hour.

Despite how often people confuse alligators for crocodiles, it is very easy to tell them apart, according to Live Science. An alligator has a U-shaped jaw, while a crocodile has a V-shaped jaw. Also, the crocodile's teeth stick up over the upper lip when the mouth is shut. Crocodiles have salt glands in their tongues, and alligators do not, although this difference is less apparent. These glands make it possible for crocodiles to live in salt water.

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