Is the striped hyena endangered?


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The striped hyena is not endangered. These animals adapt relatively well to human settlements, often feeding on their garbage and are not frequently hunted, as their meat and hide are not valued. The species is not known to be a great threat to livestock. As a result, they are not frequently targeted by farmers. Some villages in Africa deliberately leave their refuse outside the village for these hyenas.

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Striped hyenas are a widespread species, living in eastern Africa, the Middle East, India and large stretches of Asia. They primarily live in arid mountainous woodlands and scrub, although they also extend into savannahs with dense grasslands in some areas. In many parts of Africa, living in grasslands is not possible because of the larger spotted hyena. Striped hyenas are medium-sized animals, with weights ranging from 55 to 100 pounds in adulthood. Males and females are very similar in size.

In areas without much human activity, hyenas are primarily scavengers and are often guided by their sensitive noses to carrion. They prefer the corpses of larger herbivores such as zebras, wildebeests, gazelles and impalas and are capable of eating the bones of a carcass if most of its flesh is already gone.

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