What Is the Story of Johnnie Jumper Chickens?

Johnnie Jumper bred fighting chickens and was well known in the sport of cockfighting. He passed away November 2, 2011, leaving his brood fowl to his family. His sons maintain Johnnie Jumper Farm and continue to breed and sell chickens.

In the 1950s, Johnnie Jumper met Weather Kelso, Duke Hulsey and Cecil Davis, all famous in the sport of cockfighting. He became interested in breeding as a hobby and eventually turned it into a successful business. Johnnie believed that strong parents had strong offspring and is especially known for his Jumper Kelso,Sweater, Hatch and Radio blood lines

Cecil Davis gave Johnnie a very noisy chicken, which Johnnie named Radio. Radio impressed Johnnie with his conformation, fighting performance and high winning percentage. Characteristics of the Radio breed include speed, aggression and strength.

Johnnie visited the Philippines, where cockfighting is a popular sport. Several prominent breeders imported Johnnie Jumper-bred chickens, especially Radio and Kelso gamecocks. The Kelso breed has quick reflexes and delivers strong blows during fights. The Kelso and Radio breeds aren't prized for their intelligence, but they are successful fighters with desirable bloodlines.

Johnnie Jumper's son and grandson inherited Johnnie Jumper Farm and, as of 2014, continue to breed and sell chickens for fighting. Other breeders in the Philippines as well as the United States and Mexico breed and sell fighting chickens that come from Johnnie Jumper stock.