What Stores Sell Packaged Bees and Queens?


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Some stores that sell packaged bees and queens include GaBees.com, PackageBeesForSale.com, HoneyBeesOnline.com and DraperBee.com. Purchase bee packages, queen bees, and beekeeping equipment, including bee food and medication, honey harvest equipment and queen-rearing supplies, at GaBees.com.

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Find queen bees and package bees at PackageBeesForSale.com. This website sells mated queen bees that begin laying at least two weeks prior to shipment. Purchase Italian package bees with a mated queen at HoneyBeesOnline.com. This company does not ship bees and requires that orders be picked up from Fairmount, Illinois.

Find Italian and Carniolan queen bees at DraperBee.com. This website allows for the purchase of individual queen bees or packaged bees containing three pounds of bees with a queen.

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