What Stores Sell Devices to Scare Away Birds?


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Stores that sell devices to scare away birds include Lowe's, which offers a variety of bird repellent options, and Home Depot. Online stores like Amazon.com also have a vast selection of bird repellent devices.

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Lowe's sells a vast variety of products that scare away birds. They range from 4.3-inch repelling spikes to repelling ribbons. Statues in the shape of owls are available; while most brands are stationary, some offer motion. For areas with ponds, submersible statues of alligator heads are available to deter birds.

Home Depot offers Bird Repellent Gel in 10-ounce tubes; the gel deters birds from landing on horizontal surfaces. It uses a regular caulking gun for application and is non-toxic to humans, animals and birds. Once applied, the surface becomes sticky and uncomfortable for birds.

Both Lowe's and Amazon offer Bird-X Balcony Guard, a 4-inch, battery-powered bird repeller that uses ultrasonic waves undetectable by humans to discourage birds. It is weather-resistant and covers areas up to 900 square feet. While it is battery-powered, it comes equipped with a 50-foot backup extension cord. Bird-X is a humane bird repellent that not only keeps birds at bay, but also works on bats and all rodents; however, it may take anywhere from two to three weeks to show results.

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