What Stores Have Exotic Mammal Pets for Sale?

What Stores Have Exotic Mammal Pets for Sale?

Pet Kingdom USA in Las Vegas, Underground Reptiles in Deerfield Beach, Janda Exotics in San Marcos, Panhandle Exotics in Pensacola and Incredible Pets in Melbourne sell exotic mammals as pets. Because the range of legal exotic mammals is limited, these stores often offer the same species as pets. For example, each store offers hedgehogs and sugar gliders. However, Underground Reptiles and Incredible Pets both offer an exceptionally large variety of exotic mammals for sale.

Due to the relatively small size of the store, Pet Kingdom USA offers a smaller selection of exotic mammals. The store regularly sells ferrets, African pygmy hedgehogs, short-tailed opossums and sugar gliders. When available, Pet Kingdom also offers marmosets and potbellied pigs.

Underground Reptiles in Deerfield Beach, Florida, has a particularly large selection of exotic mammals for sale. In addition to hedgehogs and sugar gliders, the store sells mammals such as kinkajous, silver foxes, fennec foxes and ring-tailed lemurs. Buyers can also find skunks and prairie dogs.

Janda Exotics is a smaller breeder with an on-site facility that sells larger exotic mammals such as coatimundis, genet cats and kinkajous.

Panhandle Exotics also offers several exotic mammals including marmosets, skunks and kinkajous, as well as smaller animals such as short-tailed opossums and prairie dogs.

Incredible Pets breeds and sells lemurs, sloths, kinkajous, ferrets and several subspecies of marmoset.