How Do You Stop Squirrels From Eating Plants?


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To stop squirrels from eating plants, deter them with sprinklers, motion sensor lights, predators, unattractive smells or fences. Gardeners can also lure them away by offering them nuts and seeds in another part of the yard.

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Squirrels can often nibble on tomatoes and other plants in the garden. To keep them at bay, gardeners can try deterring them, shutting them out or bribing them.

Introducing a predator to the garden is one of the best ways to keep squirrels away. Carnivorous pets such as cats and dogs can chase squirrels and other garden pests out of the garden. The smell of predator urine can also keep them away. Gardeners who do not want their own pets can leave food out for neighboring cats to attract them to the garden. If they do not want cats in the garden, they can try building a shelter for barn owls.

Sometimes, simply scaring them away can make a good deterrent. They dislike sudden movements, so motioned sensor sprinklers and lights can make them run away before they cause any damage.

Like most animals, squirrels are very sensitive to smells. Gardeners can make homemade sprays out of hot peppers or garlic. To make a spray, chop the peppers or garlic and place it in a jar of hot water and vinegar. Let the mixture steep for four days, strain, and then add it to a spray bottle with some dish soap. Gardeners can spray the mixture around the garden to keep pests away.

If predators, bad smells or sudden movements do not deter the squirrels, gardeners can try fencing their plants or garden beds in some chicken wire. They can also build shelters out of hardware cloth.

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