How Do You Stop a Puppy From Barking?


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To stop a puppy from barking, pay attention to what triggers a barking episode, and remove this stimulus if possible. If the puppy barks to get attention, teach him not to bark by ignoring the barking until it quiets.

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Ignoring a puppy's barking can be challenging, as many dogs view getting attention as a reward for making noise. Do not look at, interact with or touch a puppy while it is barking. However, as soon as it quiets, reward it with a treat and praise. As time passes, reward the puppy for staying quiet over longer time periods.

If a puppy barks or gets excited by noise, it may benefit from drills that teach him how to behave. Arrange for a friend to ring or knock on the door or call on the phone, then give the puppy a treat to help it associate the noises with positive feelings and rewards.

Puppies often bark because they are bored or lonely. To prevent this, provide chew toys with tasty fillings to occupy the puppy's time. Do not yell at a puppy for barking, and never strike the puppy; these actions instill fear in puppies and may encourage them to bark more.

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